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Anton's Movers is a premier moving company that provides high-quality service to customers in Norwood, MA and entire state of Massachusetts.

Norwood was the town we lived in when moving to MA. I love living in Norwood as it's a safe, well maintained town with low taxes and great proximity to Boston and everything we need to live a comfortable lifestyle.
Moving in Norwood, MA must be stress free, convenient and safe! This is possible by hiring a reputable Norwood Moving company that provides residential, apartment and housse moving services, office moves, commercial moving, packing, storage and more. We offer express moving from New York to Norwood, MA or from Norwood to New York NYC, Brooklyn, Queens or Long Island, moving from Norwood to Washington DC and more. We carry Insurance Certificate COI required by apartment buildings.

Anton's Movers pride ourselves in taking the stress out of moving! Call us today to schedule your upcoming move. We'd love to take all the stress off your shoulders.

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Professional, insured and reliable movers in Norwood, MA. No hidden fees.

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Among all of Norwood, MA moving companies there is good reputable movers and shall we say. Anton's Movers is fully Licensed and Insured moving company with great reputation and affordable rates. So if you are planning to move in Norwood or from Norwood to Upstate New York, New Jersey moving, Philadelphia, from Norwood to Vermont or Maine, you can consider Anton's Movers as your Norwood Movers.

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  • Insurance & Certificate (COI) What is COI...
  • Floors padding and Wrapping of furniture
  • Furniture disassembly / assembly
  • Expert full packing services

Full Packing Services

Let us make your move even easier with our full packing service.

Full Packing Services

Our professional packing service will provide you with anything and everything you need for a successful move. We’ve trained our professional packers to know the best way to pack any item, including valuables, fragile items and large quantities.


Our packing rates are the same as our hourly rates for moving. We like to keep it simple and keep it consistent.
Available in Norwood, Massachusetts

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Packing Materials

Our experienced movers will have all necessary packing materials to pack up everything - with the utmost care - from the attic to the basement.

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Packing Supplies


Mattress Cover

Mattress Cover

Queen / King size



Small "Book" Box

17" x 12 3/8" x 12 3/8



Medium "Linen" Box

18" x 18" x 16


Large Box

Large Box

18" x 18" x 24




21" x 18" x 46


Picture / Mirror Box

Picture / Mirror Box

37" x 4" x 27


Packing Paper

Packing Paper

10 lbs. (200 sheets)


Box Cutter

Box Cutter


Moving Packing and Storage

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Five Stars Moving Services Rating: 4.8 - 2,218 reviews


5 Star Rating Movers Rating: 5 - 2,218 reviews

"Anton's Movers made what is inherently a stressful experience relaxing. If I ever need to move again I will call Anton's Movers."

Erica G.

Long distance movers in Norwood, MA

Flat Rate Moving. Gas, mileage, tolls, insurance are included. No hidden fees.
Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta... We move people everywhere!

Advantages of Moving to Norwood, MA

Norwood was the town we lived in when moving to MA. I love living in Norwood as it's a safe, well maintained town with low taxes and great proximity to Boston and everything we need to live a comfortable lifestyle. I also love that there are 2 brewers! Norwood is known for its lush landscape, low crime rates, family-friendly neighborhoods, and welcoming community. Overall, the cost of living in Norwood is 42% higher than the United States average. However, for families choosing between different areas of New England for their new hometown, it is also beneficial to see how Norwood compares to nearby cities. For example, Norwood is 6% less expensive than Boston, and that difference becomes more apparent when we look at housing costs.
If you are planing a moving in or near Norwood, MA or moving from Norwood to Washington DC, from Norwood to New York NYC Brooklyn Queens Long Island, Norwood to Upstate New York, from Norwood to New Jersey moving, Norwood to Philadelphia, moving from Norwood to Vermont or from Norwood to Maine, please consider Anton's Movers as your Norwood Movers.
If you need a same day moving from Upstate New York to Norwood, NYC to Norwood, New Jersey to Norwood, Philadelphia to Norwood, Washington DC to Norwood, Vermont to Norwood or from Maine to Norwood, MA - please call us at (617) 319-5700.

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To find out more about our professional moving services, please call our office Monday through Saturday 8am to 6pm Eastern Time.

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