Certificate of Insurance for Moving

What is a certificate of insurance for moving and do you need it?

If you are planning a move from or into a building or condo, like most NYC moves, you may have been asked to get a Certificate of Insurance or COI from the moving company. Most of the property and building management companies in the New York metro area require these certificates as proof that the moving company is insured.

This means that you should make sure your moving company meet all insurance requirements prior to confirm your moving. It’s one more thing that can cause a delay for your moving day as your movers will not be allowed to enter the building requesting COI.

Does Everyone Need a Certificate of Insurance to Move?

No. However you will need to check with your building’s property management to see if a COI is required. Most elevator buildings in NYC need one in order to protect their property. Make sure you mention us that the COI is required when you call to schedule your move.

What’s in a Certificate of Insurance?

There are several pieces of information in the COI that the building manager will want to see. First, it states that the movers are insured. Then it goes into more detail about what is covered and how the certificate should be used. This gives the building manager peace of mind that any damage will be covered by the insurance company.

How to Take Care of the Certificate of Insurance?

Anton's Movers stays prepared with COIs. You will be able to download a copy and present it to building manager. In case your building management will ask to add there name(s) to the certificate, we have them issued from our insurance company directly and we give one to our clients as well. We cover all the bases to make sure there are no surprises or hassles on moving day.


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